Family Tree

posted by David Irving on 2014-03-08

Omega Family Tree


posted by David Irving on 2014-01-29

Congratulations to our Spring 2014 Treasurer, Austin "Mordecai" Bloom!

Looking forward to a great semester!

A big thank you to our outgoing Treasurer, Cody Schmidlin.


Omega ARO

posted by Jade Thorpe on 2013-12-28

Congratulations to our newly elected Alumni Relations Officer for Spring 2014, Tyler "Pussy Destroyer" Fallon.

We thank our outgoing ARO, Carl "joTohtHwcduIbS" McBee, and congratulate him on his graduation.


Congratulations to our Epsilon Omega Fall 2013 class on completing Third Degree!

posted by Cody Schmidlin on 2013-12-10

Please help us welcome 11 new brothers!

Jasmine "PAL" Demers
Juan "UNO" Mateo
Helen "Cherry" Oberuch
Graham "Johnson" Smith
Emmy "AZNBBYGRL" Jordan
Alex "AHA" Tackett
Leiah "Dooneese" Sulsberger
Jacob "Oralov" Serr
Kelsey "Hebrew" Gibson
Edward "Double D" Camarena
Jessica "HOH" Garcia


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